Welcome to the political-economy of cool, where you get rewarded for cooperating, not threatened with punishment, if you don’t.

  1. Copyleft 2009-2015 by Andrew Durham. Copying is an act of . Please copy, distribute, and sell (yes, sell) my writings and industrial applications of them, ie, darkroom components, in any media or business venture for your own personal gain.
  2. I will recognize and link to you on this site if you:
    • credit me in quotation or excerpt and tell me where it is appearing
    • share improvements by sending pull requests or email
    • include this license in your whole or partial reprints of this book and with instructions accompanying componentry
    • include a printed or electronic copy of this book with componentry
  3. Furthermore, I will also give you my endorsement, a visible mark to use in your marketing copy if you:
    • share with me part of your earnings from:
      • reprints of my writings (8% of retail price for print and 70-90% for ebooks)
      • reproductions of darkroom components (1% of retail price)
    • and/or somehow astound me

    See home page/help out/ for how to send me money.

    Basically, this means you can instantly become my publisher or manufacturer! These deals roughly equal what you and I would make if I were published or self-published and you were simply selling the books, without your having to order from me in bulk, pay shipping, keep legally complicated records, or sign a contract.

    The idea is to make the book and componentry available with minimal friction in every way, at every level of distribution. <   ^   >