The Chrysalis

Stage by Stage


We assembled the first sheets on a double triangle skid, and tied it to a nearby uphill tree. We are standing on a temporary floor.

Colin in blue hood, Greg in triangle, Michael in red hat, Steve on ladder. Skid is visible at left of Colin.

Time to level the sphere and install a foundation. Measurements are easier when the structure is present.

One foundation post is visible, another can be seen in shadow. Three of the five installed so far. The posts are thick locust pieces,long and heavy, stuck in 5 ft. deep angular postholes and packed with stones. The last two posts were installed months later since the 3 front ones held the ball firmly.

Brim is helping install skylights on suspended ladder.

All the plywood is fastened in place. Russ is visible in triangle.

Installing bedroom pod. The first pod was lifted as a unit by a group of volunteers at the farm. I found it easier to take the second one apart piece by piece after letting it warp, and assemble it aloft.

Finished cottage, Spring 1997

Frameless plywood spheres of 4x8 sheets of 1/4" AC exterior plywood.

The door turned on a wooden rod and worked quite smoothly.

The fat helicopter outhouse perches uphill from Chrysalis. Inge and Acorn later moved it downhill to the deck they built behind their house.

Inside the outhouse.


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Created: February 2, 2001
Last Revised: March 6, 2006
Steve Miller, 2001