Geodesic Patents Issued to R. Buckminster Fuller

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Geodesic Dome (original patent) US2682235

The most comprehensive of the geodesic patents. Frames, double frames and and structural membranes, and a brief explanation of the basic geometry of geodesic domes. Most of the other patents are expansions of this document.

Plydome US2905113

The basis of most of my dome work. Shows how the drill patterns relate to the geodesic coordinates, and variations for 'corrugated' membranes (for large scale domes, useful particularly for over 32 ft. diameter)

Monohex US3197927

A patent relating to making single component domes and spheres with preplanned openings; basis of the well known Fly's Eye prototype.

Laminar Dome US3203144

Several good pictures of 3v and 4v domes complete with chord factors. Shows how to stretch domes to make quonset hut type buildings with the strength an efficiency of geodesic domes. Intended for application to membrane domes, but the information can be easily adapted to frame structures.

Geodesic Tent US2914074

Tensegrity US3063521

Sphere CottageHome Triacon Small Dome 24' Plydome Triacon 42' Plydome Chrysalis Big Top Geodesic Tent Research Dome 18 Research Dome 18 Sphere Cottage Foil Dome Home Small Dome 24' Plydome Small Dome 42' Plydome Chrysalis Small Dome Geodesic Tent Research Dome 18 Research Dome 18 Foil Dome Sphere Cottage Home

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