42 Foot Plydome

The 12" round hole is the top of the dome, 22 ft. from the ground.
Moments later, Hope squeezes through the
12" venthole at the top of the dome.
Hope installing skylights from the outside while Steve works from inside. She slid off the roof once from about this height, but was unhurt.
Completely assembled plydome with lexan
windows, April, 1994. Assembly of plywood took
5 days with a crew of three; windows 2 days
with a crew of two.
We held bonfires several nights in a row. The smoke leaked out the holes left open in the top.
Interior of dome.
One year later: bridge over top is supplemented with bent trees, 8 ft.x 12 ft. ventilator is barely visible. The plywood is weathered and in need of paint.
The dome became my workshop as well, for
fabrication of other domes. Here Inge and
Acorn and I are building an outhouse for the
Chrysalis sphere in which they live.

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Created: February 2, 2001
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