Research Dome 18

When in 1989 I decided to make another dome my wife insisted I make it of good materials and a sound design. Since my resources and space were limited, a few hundred dollars and my mother's yard, I made a modest 18' 2v plydome much like the hemisphere I had made in 1981, except that I understood geodesic geometry and its application to plydomes much better, and made a rounder dome which went up much more quickly. I still have this one. It has undergone several incarnations. It began as a simple plywood dome with translucent fiberglass windows, and evolved into a mostly polycarbonate structure with pointed polycarbonate windows and white aluminum over the plywood parts. Today it is plywood with the pointed windows: I have retained the most successful features and raised it off the ground to prevent deterioration. I also moved it out of my mother's yard in 1997 and set it up in my own yard, now that I have one.

Dome first completed in 1989 with fiberglass windows. On cover of DOME magazine Spring 1990. Four plywood sheets on roof have been replaced with 1/8" polycarbonate sheets. Clad in aluminum sheets. Fiberglass windows have been replaced with pointed polycarbonate units.
  With aluminum ventilator, 1992.
Blizzard of '93 buried dome in snow.   Most recent incarnation of dome. Polycarbonate 4x8 sheets removed from roof, aluminum removed from plywood, wooden ventilator, dome raised off ground. New door.

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Created: February 2, 2001
Last Revised: March 6, 2006
Steve Miller, 2001