Small Domes

The mess I cleaned up after the collapsed woodshed included about 50% useable plywood when cut into 24"x48" sheets. I made a 17' diameter 4v plydome which carried snowloads well. After a few years I dismantled it and made it into two 11' diameter 3/4 spheres covered with wood shingles.

17 ft. diameter 4v dome made of fragments of the collapsed 24 ft. 2v dome.

17 ft. dome bore accumulated snow easily.

This 11 ft. diameter playhouse has polycarbonate windows and wood shingles. It is made from half of the green dome pictured earlier. The "pinecone" formation of the plywood sheets creates the quadrilateral windows. Another similar dome was made from the other sheets from the green dome.


Scooter garage

This was an outhouse; it is now a toolshed. Zero frequency icosahedron made of whole 4'x8' sheets of 1/4 in. plywood

Sphere CottageHome Triacon Small Dome 24' Plydome Triacon 42' Plydome Chrysalis Big Top Geodesic Tent Research Dome 18 Research Dome 18 Sphere Cottage Foil Dome Home Small Dome 24' Plydome Small Dome 42' Plydome Chrysalis Small Dome Geodesic Tent Research Dome 18 Research Dome 18 Foil Dome Sphere Cottage Home

Created: February 2, 2001
Last Revised: March 6, 2006
Steve Miller, 2001