The cost of plywood has been high, and Home Depot stopped carrying 1/4" plywood. I needed a storage shed to clear the stored possessions from my home. I have been moving things around for years, making spLately I've been working with rough sawn lumber, mostly for subflooring. A design that has appealed to me for many years was one that would work with rough sawn native lumber.

My wife and I had left Vermont , and after camping for a few months had been invited to live at a new age farm in the NW corner of North Carolina , where I built domes in return for a place to live.

In Domebook 2 there is a chapter on the Zomes of Steve Baer, of New Mexico. While Buckminster Fuller was popularizing geodesic domes, Baer was one of several who were challenging the geodesic dome with other dome concepts. The zome stands as a good design for home size structures. The feature I find most appealing is the vertical walls.

The particular zome I built, the tricontahedron (based on a polyhedron of 30 identical diamond shaped facets) also has a pointed . steep roof and remarkable simplicity of fabrication. Two hubs and two strut lengths make up the basic figure. It is closely related to a 2v Triacon, with the 60 Triacon triangles paired into diamonds, and the angles in the pentagon centers altered to fit. The Triacon geometry is in fact derived from the tricontahedron.
The zome I built is almost 24 ft. in diameter, 17 ft. tall and made with a spruce 2x4 frame with hemlock sheathing and base.The floor is rough sawn hemlock also. The new portable sawmills are bandsaws, resulting in roughsawn boards that are hardly rough at all.
Cynthia had bought a stack of salvaged insulated glass windows a few years ago for $10 each, that had been pulled out of their frames. I bought awning hinges for $20 each and installed 9 windows on the vertical walls. I used my aluminum roof system to cover the roofing felt, and made a door with an extra section that could be opened for additional width.

The zome has been completely satisfactory. I have moved our boxes and other impedimentum inside, and have some room for a workshop, a luxury I have yearned for since we moved here..

The zome is a home of the Golden Section, also known as the Divine Proportion. It is an interesting concept for geometers and may be worth your time to investigate if you are unfamiliar with it.

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Created: February 2, 2001
Last Revised: March 6, 2006
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