hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham


relief, recovery, healing

Nature provides darkness for:

  • relief from overstimulation and distress
  • recovery from exhaustion and depression
  • healing from trauma and disease

One finds profound rest in darkness. The self-preserving organism heals itself, body and soul.

A hygienic darkroom retreat is an extended rest in a totally dark room. The room is quiet, comfortable, and well-ventilated. There is food. One is alone, with supporters nearby.

This is a complete manual, with theory, protocol, and design. It explains why retreating works and how to do it. It includes instructions and drawings for beginning at home.

toward a hygienic psychology

This approach to darkness is neither spiritual, therapeutic, nor psychedelic. It is hygienic. Hygiene is the science of health, a branch of biology. It respects life’s self-preserving nature. It identifies life’s normal conditions: air, warmth, work, relationship, cleanliness, etc.

Hygiene started in 1832 and spread worldwide. The 19th century’s famous improvements in public health resulted. Its rudiments became common sense. Billions who never see doctors benefit from hygiene daily. But few know it formally—or its greatest benefits.

In darkness, hygiene finds its missing link: a psychology. Now hygiene can extend its superlative care of the physique to the organic system of the psyche. This proves to be the key to health. The result: reliable miracles.

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