hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

by andrew durham


I do nearly everything related to hygienic darkroom retreating: study, experiment, write, speak, consult, design, build. At the moment, I am not operating a darkroom or supporting retreats. For that, find darkroom retreat centers on this cool global map.


  • Get my ebook from leanpub
  • Quote and excerpt anything in my book and website. Credit me and tell me where it will show up and I will also acknowledge and link to you on my website.
  • Invite me to write for your publication on any subject related to hygienic darkroom retreating and hygienic psychology.
  • Publish me, make money. See license

(Free or as you please)


Invite me to edify your audience.

(My minimalist expenses + something that fits your budget.)


Get my advice on darkroom retreating, building darkrooms, and issues arising thereof.

(€15/hr. First couple emails are free if you have read my book.)

I will respond in detail, by email or skype, to all your questions and concerns about:

  • how, where, and why to set up a darkroom
  • how to organize a retreat with a supporter
  • how to deal with specific issues you have personal and about retreating itself

My responses will be based on my experience. Over the past ten years, I have:

  • done 25 retreats from 2-6 days long
  • facilitated 25 retreats for others
  • designed and built or upgraded 21 working darkrooms, operating three of them, consulting remotely on three more, all in three climates on four continents
  • written 150,000 words about darkroom retreating for web, email, and print
  • given 14 public talks


Have me design and build your darkroom in an existing building or from scratch.

(€15/hr + materials, travel, and shelter)

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