hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham


I do everything related to hygienic darkroom retreating: study, experiment, write, speak, consult, design, build, operate, support.

I do nothing related to other approaches to dark retreating: the spiritual, therapeutic, and psychedelic. There is no use asking. I have suffered too much tragedy related to these things to ever consider them again. Perhaps this book will help you re-evaluate your approach. I do consult about this.


I support retreats, either at my place in America, or yours anywhere America has good relations. Retreats are 11 days: a 9-day Czech retreat + 2 buffer days.


  1. read my book
  2. send me your completed questionnaire.
  3. once approved, enroll to reserve a month for your retreat. See retreat prices there.
  4. Deposit 50% (minus fees) within 5 days, plus any cost of my travel
  5. Pay balance 2 months before retreat or upon my arrival
  6. Pick a starting date between 1 and 15, 1 month before your month.
  7. Retreat!

Marion Abbott of Australia at Profound Rest Retreats is also organizing retreats. Simen Kirkerød of Norway can do it, too. (Write me).


  • Read this book:
    • web: free
    • ebook at leanpub: $15+
    • print: paperback, inscribed/signed by me. Handsewn, lay flat, cloth binding stays open for ease of holding and reading (even bends back on itself). Searchable PDF included. $55 North America, $75 abroad. Add a note with mailing address and inscription request when paying (below).
  • Publish my book, make money. See license
  • Quote anything in my book and website. Credit me and tell me where it will show up and I will also acknowledge and link to you on my website.
  • Invite me to write for your publication on any subject related to hygienic darkroom retreating


Invite me to speak to an audience.

$1000 + expenses.


Get my advice on hygienic darkroom retreating, building darkrooms for hygienic retreats, and dealing with issues arising thereof.

$40/hour, 1 hour minimum.

I will respond in detail, by email or messenger app, to all your questions and concerns about:

  • how, where, and why to set up a darkroom
  • how to organize a retreat with a supporter
  • how to deal with specific issues you have personally and about retreating itself

My responses will be based on my experience. Since 2006, I have:

  • done 27 retreats from 2-7 days long
  • supported 30 retreats for others
  • designed and built or upgraded 30 darkrooms, operated 3 of them, and consulted remotely on 4 more, in 4 climates on 4 continents
  • written 200,000 words about darkroom retreating for web, email, and print
  • given 14 public talks

I will read your questionnaire and discuss it with you by phone if you are retreating at home. Email me your questionnaire and pay (below). or Use this form. I’ll call soon.

The point is to make sure you understand the idea thoroughly. You probably get it in principle but have missed some details. They can trip you up in darkness. Or make you miss subtle opportunities.

I will be reading and listening for ways your conditioning is holding out. I will point them out to you. In hygienic psychological fashion, you don’t try to defend or change them. You are simply prepared if they surface in darkness and try to bamboozle you again.



I design and build darkrooms as part of supporting retreats, from scratch or in existing buildings. Email me.

See my hygienic house for some of my latest thinking. A vaulted mobile shelter is also in the works.


I plan to manufacture all my designs as well as jigs and tools for others to make them. Let me know if you have an interest in them.


I accept payments by:

  • Zelle: info@andrewdurham.com
  • Wise: andrewd1878 (formerly Transferwise)
  • Venmo: @andrewdurham
  • PayPal (works for credit cards. Add 4% to cover fees)
  • Cryptocurrency: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ether, Dash. Write me for addresses.
  • Cash, check, money order, metal, Goldbacks, bank transfer, deposit, commodities, or ??: email me. Include your location.


I am happy to hear from those who have either read my whole book or paid me for a consultation.

  • email: info {at} andrewdurham.com
  • text/voicemail: +1 541 210 8470 (in the US)


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