hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

by andrew durham

illuminati it may concern

2011 November 21

Dear Illuminati,

My understanding is that there are two factions of your organization: both people who try to use their power and wealth to free humanity, and those who use it to enslave us.

To both groups within your vast network, I wish to say that I understand and accept that you are each sincerely trying to handle our collective mess the best way you know how. For a long time, I thought that you were my enemy, and hatred and sadness about your activities consumed me. But now, as a result of my long search for understanding, I am extending both forgiveness and the offer of a way to handle our situation differently.

Since this subject is your main interest, please read my darkness conjecture. Then write me if you would like to help make this deep way of healing possible for yourselves. I could use your help, you could probably use a break, and working together would be a nice change from our previous isolation.

I have tried to see a way through our conflict that makes a place for everyone at the end, especially those of you that many in my position would wish to exclude (if not summarily execute). In my opinion, you are hurt by all this worst of all, and I believe the way I have found would serve you in an acceptable manner. I really believe there is place for all of us, even you.


Andrew Durham

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