hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham


These are buildings and important components I’ve built, interiors I’ve remodeled, augmented, or significantly rearranged, and experiments and learning I’ve done since childhood training in the tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright with my parents.

1985 component   hanging rug partition (first decoration)   Twin Falls, ID Maple Street John, LouAnn, Paul
1990 component   heater vent (first “integral” design, according to my dad   Twin Falls, ID Maple Street John, Jennifer
1994 building   tipi w/liner canvas, wood, handsewn using Laubin’s book Boise   Mir S, Christopher F, Sevita,
1995 building   enlightentent siliconized ripstop Seattle    
1996 building   enlightentent v.2 siliconized ripstop Borrego Springs, CA   Jack Stephenson of Warmlite Gear
1997-now experiment   alt/natural building exploration   communities worldwide John Cruikshank RIP
2001 interior   birth of tribal housing   Las Vegas The Space Micha Grainger
2002-3 interior   interior experiments   Montreal Caroline’s, St Denis Frederic Patenaude, Caroline
2004 building   straw vault   Ashland   David Ward/ASET
2004-5 interior x bunk loft   Eugene Gooble Dell Adrian
2005 building x Mushroom Dome straw, bamboo Eugene Maitreya EcoVillage Rob Bolman, Finn
2006-7 building x Dome wood, cardboard, straw insulation Ashland   Crea Egan, Finn
2007 building   hexayurt cardboard Ashland   Christine
2007 building x dome cardboard, lathe, elastomeric paint Seattle U District Brian S
2008 component x conic roofs coroplast Eugene Maitreya Dome Village Finn, Melanie Rios
2008 component x geodesic hub PVC, plumber’s tape or steel pallet strapping? Eugene Maitreya Finn, replicated by Backyard Domes
2008 building x Conic Hut hardboard, paint; finished, insulated, sealed, windows, door Eugene Maitreya, Erik’s,__ Finn, Erik, Lyssa, Jamie, John
2009 building   hexayurt w/ triangular joist floor plywood Kansas City Troost Daniel, Les
2010 interior x darkroom, ventilation, bathroom, water adobe San Marcos La Laguna Guatemala Niels, Sandro, Tom
2012-3 building x frame domes, 2@5m, 10m & hexayurt, with stainless jointing hub wood Skattungbyn Sweden Johan Jarlind, John and ,
2015 building   hexayurt styrofoam Paris France M Richter, V Bouchard
2017 building x hexayurt styrofoam Orgiva Spain TomTom
2017 component x floor, triangular joist wood Orgiva Spain TomTom
2019-20 component x portable bathroom & kitchen, greywater, rain harvesting @wagon   Litosice Czech Repubic Pavel, Cestrs, Jaroslav & Jana
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