hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

geodesic plydome

12 geodesic plydome, size I intend to build, except without conical cap

12’ geodesic plydome, size I intend to build, except without conical cap

18 geodesic plydome, shows method of construction

18’ geodesic plydome, shows frameless method of construction

Click on either picture to go to triorbtl site of plydome builder, Steve Miller.

Rough draft of plan

I will build a geodesic sphere to do the darkness retreat in. Having been through several of these types of projects, I believe that building it and its contents will likely take three months and cost ~$2000, including personal expenses.

  • description
    • Self-Strutting Geodesic Plydome, designed by Buckminster Fuller, perfected by Steve Miller
    • whole icosahedron
    • 12’ diameter
    • floor of new “flat octet truss” design (prototyped)
    • suspended by ropes from trees or resting on 5-point stand
    • needs very quiet location
  • containing:
    • bed of new design: light, folds into sofa or away for storage (conceived, not prototyped)
    • inversion swing (to hang upside down)
    • humanure composting toilet (5 gal bucket in box with ventilation)
    • fold-up shower, fed by hot water delivered by support crew
    • rug
    • water dispenser
    • food cooler (ice-pack cooled) for fruits and greens
    • convection powered ventilation system (conceived not prototyped)
    • shelf of new design for clothing, etc (conceived, not prototyped)
    • retreater :)
  • bid: see sphere bid