hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham

Intros Marek, Ondrej, Marcin, Andrew

A: What is the purpose of this meeting? Why did you invite me?

O: To establish research into darkroom retreating. But there are many approaches. First we have to know how to begin. We invited you because you are the world leader in darkroom retreating.

MC: We must make a distinction between spiritual retreating and scientific/therapeutic retreating.

A: Hygiene reveals a distinction between scientific and therapeutic retreating. Hygiene is the science of health. It is passive as regards the will. But in both spiritual and therapeutic and psychedelic retreating, the will is active. It is primary. This contradicts the self-preserving and thus self-healing nature of life. It prevents the miraculous degree of healing that is possible.

Mc: Do we need a global network of facilities? Yes, that would be nice. I am buying straw bales on Monday to begin building the first hygienic houseit should be worldwide.

What is the status of your program? Its development as a practical solution is complete.

Is the model you developed in your book? Everything but the last stage.

What was the last stage of development? I realized hygienic darkroom retreating could not fit inside others’ programs. It needs its own place and people. [did not say: specifically, an 9-day retreat requires a separate building and 3 qualified supporters, 2 always onsite.]

What was unsuitable about the darkrooms in Czech Republic? Noise, ventilation, warmth, comfort, solitude

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