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Hi, Rick,

Your meta-analysis is very exciting. You’ve stepped back from the content to note the ambience, the air we breath, the context of the conversation, the unremarked structure.

That majority rule is collective decision-making is a simple, instantly graspable observation. I was having trouble making it myself. Thanks.

In American Indian writings, representation is a suspect principle. “What? Someone else will speak or decide for me?!” This is appalling to the Indian mind.

As I replied on Twitter, the individualism of conservatives is false. Ayn Rand exposed this in “Conservatism: an Obituary” https://courses.aynrand.org/works/conservatism-an-obituary/ I like how you say free rein. It is accurate. Conservatives still view the people as horses. They think a free rein is theirs to give us. Many still haven’t grasped the principle of right.

Anyway, thanks a lot. I came to a similar conclusion in the past few years. I just wrote a short blog post about it within a day of yours, https://darkroomretreat.com/blog/2022/08/individualism

It also links to my notes toward an individualist form of government, the individualist distributed hyperstate, here.


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