hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham


This book is best read front to back, word upon word. It presents the idea immediately in brief, then in increasing detail. Each paragraph builds upon the last.

It is an integrated whole. Every word contributes to understanding, including the blurb, dedication, etc.

This book has links. On the web, they are colored. In the ebook and print, they look like this:

  • external links to other webpages
  • internal links to other parts of this book. Chapter and section indicated in print version.
  • books, downloadable

It is best read on paper or e-paper. The color, backlit, LCD screens of computers, tablets, and phones disrupt concentration. I recommend any of the 6” or 8” devices by established Western companies for reading. The Dasung 13.3” monitor seems best for typing.

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