hygienic darkroom retreat

profound rest for the self‑healing psyche

a book by andrew durham


Enroll here for a hygienic darkroom retreat. Do it at my place in America, or at yours anywhere the USA has good relations.

A retreat lasts 11 days. It is a 9-day Czech retreat + 2 buffer days. One retreat offered per month. Choose your own dates. See schedule below.


  • my place: $4900
  • your place: $5500 + expenses (transportation, accommodation, materials). Darkroom construction takes 1-2 weeks. Fully functional house required.


  1. Complete form below
    • use enrollment code I provided
    • select a month for your retreat. It will be reserved for 5 days deposit is due.
    • $100 fee, non-refundable, applies to deposit, good for 5 days
    • address any concerns beforehand
      • info@andrewdurham.com
      • +1 (541) 210-8470 (txt/vm)
  2. Deposit 50%, minus $140 in fees, within 5 days. If I am to buy round-trip travel, add its cost.
  3. Pay balance 2 months before your month begins or upon my arrival
  4. Tell me your starting date, between 1st and 15th of your month, 1 month before your month begins.
  5. Retreat


  • 1 month before your month: 25% credit, 50% refund
  • before your month: 25% credit, 25% refund
  • before your retreat: 25% credit
  • Change date within your month: $50

Set month for your retreat (set start date later.) “Not enough stock” = unavailable

plan: 9-day retreat

plan: 9-day2 retreat

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